In My Bag: Disney Packing Essentials

Disney Packing Essentials .png

If you live anywhere near us here in Connecticut, you know the temperatures have dropped below frigid. I can't remember the last time its been this cold this early. As a native New Englander, I rarely complain about the cold. I'm not quite the wear-flip-flops-til-there's-snow kind of New Englander that my husband is. But I can take a freezing cold day in January, or two. 

That being said, this mama is already in need of some Winter Respite. So in the next few days we will be headed to the Happiest Place on Earth in {albeit only slightly} warmer Orlando, Florida. Or as MM calls it, "Kicky's House."

This will be her third time down to Disney; and now that we've done the trip with child a few times around, I've gotten pretty good at park-packing for the kids. Here's what will be in my bag next week:


We've been traveling with MM since she was about eight-months old. Typically, she's pretty good on flights- save for a few horrendous outliers. Now that she's a little older and bigger, I like to stock a toddler-sized backpack with brand new toys and activities for her to do. This year, I'll be packing her new Minnie Mouse version with a variety of Disney-themed coloring books, sticker books, and stories. Luckily, its a short flight, and hopefully her attention span won't require too much novelty. Of course, the iPad will make an appearance. I make sure to download a few of her favorite shows from the Netflix app in case the WiFi is spotty on the plane- this works for restaurants too, folks. 

And for mom, I'll be packing a book and shawl to cozy up with on the off-chance she naps. And my favorite Kiehl's lip balm, because airplanes always dry-out my already winter-parched skin.


Disney has changed a lot between when we went way-back-when, and now.

Fast Passes, Magic Bands and VIP tours were not the Disney of my childhood. But I don't mind them one bit. Before we go, we always link our itinerary to the My Disney Experience app- where you can buy park passes, book Fast Passes and make reservations for your upcoming trip on the go. You can also use your Magic Band to pay for almost anything on property, which is pretty amazing. So for us, the Magic Band is a MUST.

When it comes to packing for the park, I typically bring a hands-free backpack filled with the essentials: diapers, baby wipes, a change of clothes for MM, hand sanitizer, and a water bottle for both her and I. Because who wants to buy a $10 bottle of water? 

An extra phone charger is always a good idea. And I'll definitely be bringing my new Canon PowerShot which fits in almost any bag and takes some of the best pictures ever- I highly recommend.


Because this trip is in early January and we are all experiencing unseasonably cold temps, it is, sadly, unlikely that I'll be swimming with my girl on this trip. But it is Florida, and we'll be out and about walking all day; so I'll be bringing lot of layers to accommodate whatever Mother Nature throws our way. Comfortable sneakers are always a must when we visit the parks- you walk. A lot. I like to dress as comfortable as I can- either a long maxi or leggings with a tee and a denim jacket or light sweater in case it gets breezy in the morning or evening.

When we visit, we tend to go for about a week, so I always bring at least one set of work out clothes as well as my running sneakers and headphones to make sure to get a proper sweat in while away from home. Yes, you walk a lot at Disney. But you also need to burn a lot of calories to cancel out all the delicious food they tempt you with down there. And personally, I like to eat all those Mickey-shaped treats. It's just part of the fun.

Over the next few days I'll be gathering my favorite tips, tricks and spots at the Happiest Place on Earth. If you're a Disney nerd, share your favorite go-to haunts below. I'd love to check them out!

Pictured above:


Coloring Books + Book for Mom

Denim Jacket

Lip Balm

Maxi T-Shirt Dress


Water Bottle

Organic Hand Sanitizer

Bluetooth Earphones