Friday Favorites

{ A Fireside Georgia. }

{ A Fireside Georgia. }

This week- the first week of the new year- flew right on by.

We dipped our toe in getting back into our routine- Maddie's school started back up, we enjoyed a few early breakfasts at our favorite local bakery, and she had her first art class of the year. 

And then the snow came. So. Much. Snow. So we spent a full day in our PJs lounging by the fire, doing some of our very favorite indoor activities {mentioned here}. We colored and danced and baked yummy cookies. And then this mama poured herself a big 'ole glass of wine. Because there's something about being cooped up inside all day with a toddler and puppy that makes if feel all that much more deserved.

This weekend we'll be leaving Dad behind for a little girls trip to Disney with MM. She's beyond excited and I can't wait to share snaps and videos of our trip to Orlando. Until then, here are a few of my favorites from this week:

Paul Hobbs Magnum Lilies and Lambs

{ Ran all out of wine except for this magnum leftover from Christmas. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. It was perfection. }

Kath Kookies Lilies and Lambs
kaths kookies lilies and lambs

{ Grateful to have Kaths Kookies frozen dough on hand when all snowed-in. Placed in a skillet and popped in the oven, they make the most delicious treat in under 30 minutes. Good luck not eating the whole thing. }

Fiddle Fig Tree Lilies and Lambs

{ This little corner that housed our Christmas tree just a week ago. Yesterday it felt fresh and almost spring-like. Today its flanked with snow. I like it either way. }

LL Bean Sled Lilies and Lambs

{ This little red sled that will be getting put to good use this season. }