To My Husband on Year Five

Lilies and Lambs

Dear Husband on Year Five:

We made it. To the first numerical milestone.

Five years ago we said I do. We met only a little over a year before that. And I fell hard for you- for the friend you were; for the man you are; for the father I always knew you would become.

And despite what some might have thought- even us, at times- we made it. 

And we are here; at year five. 

And like I said last year on year four- I could write something here like, “I love you more and more every day.” But while a lot has changed in the last 365- I’m still not quite sure that is our style.

But I will say this: I still love you. Madly. 

As passionately as when I met you as a 27 year old in a bar. As confidently as when I said “yes.”  As strongly as as I did when we faced infertility and loss. As joyfully as I did when we beat it; and we got our girl. 

You are my family. We are a family.

And I would do it all over again- every tear, every fight; every test, every challenge. Every single joy and laugh and triumph and success. I would do them all, as long as it was with you. 

Because what I will say is that we’ve grown, together, each and every day. And we understand each other better with each passing year. And that helps us love each other through this crazy life.

Because it is- so crazy. But there’s no one I’d rather do it with than with you, and our kid, by my side.

This is us. Still. Together.

And I love you for loving me through it all: on days when I’m on cloud nine; filled with highs and laughter and joy. Even on days when I’m not my best self; and most especially on the days when I need it the most. 

And every crazy moment in between.  

Happy five years together.

You’re still forever my favorite