25 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on the Shelf Lilies and Lambs

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, yummy food and great wine. Today is Black Friday, meaning lots of sales- and I’ll be sharing some of my picks over on my Instagram stories throughout the weekend.

It also means it’s the return of the Elf on the Shelf in the Matkovic household. We went back and forth as to whether to welcome him back on December first or the day after Thanksgiving- and based on the current state of threedom we’ve been experiencing, we went with the latter.

Last year was our first with our elf, whom we named Elvis. It didn’t take long to realize that Phil was much more creative when it came to posing him throughout the house each night. And after a few weeks it became tricky to come up with novel, and easy, ideas for Elvis- even with the two of us brainstorming. So this year I scoured the internet to come up with different scenarios for our little guy.

Here are some easy Elf on the Shelf ideas- comment below with some of your own, we’ll need a few more than 25 over here:

  1. An elf making snow angels

  2. An elf that turned bananas into minions

  3. An elf drinking syrup

  4. An elf that Elsa froze

  5. An elf stuck to the wall

  6. An elf that swings from the chandelier

  7. An elf on a date with Barbie

  8. An elf that got into the chocolate

  9. An elf with a letter from the North Pole

  10. An elf enjoying popcorn and a movie

  11. An elf that’s gone fishing

  12. An elf in marshmallow bubble bath

  13. An elf that enjoys a candy cane zip line

  14. An elf that gets stuck outside

  15. An elf named Buddy

  16. An elf that goes to Hogwarts

  17. An elf in a sack race

  18. An elf in a snowball fight

  19. An elf that reads bed time stories

  20. An elf that wraps a present

  21. An elf that gets locked up

  22. An elf that builds a snowman

  23. An elf that gets tangled up in lights

  24. An elf leading the pack of reindeer

  25. An elf with one last letter and cookies to bake

Elf on the Shelf Lilies and Lambs
Elf on the Shelf Lilies and Lambs

photos by Julia Dags