Friday Favorites

love lilies and lambs

It has been a WEEK, folks. But we made it. 

Potty training is no joke, people. It is certainly ranked as one of the hardest things we've done in parenthood so far. Boy, did it take a lot out of me; and I can only imagine how frustrating it can be for a tiny two-year-old. But we did it. And I never thought a little poopoo and peepee in the potty could fill me with so much joy. 

We spent most of the week hunkered down at home. We baked dad a cake; played doll house; made some Valentines and enjoyed our bubble baths. And now we are oh-so ready for the weekend. Here are a few snaps of our week, in case you missed 'em.

Happy Friday!


Salan H Lilies and Lambs

{ Back to brown thanks to Connie at my new favorite salon, Salan H }

Kath Kookies Lilies and Lambs

{ V-Day versions of my favorite Kaths Kookies }

Delamar Lilies and Lambs

{ A quick trip to the spa while MM was at school. Obsessed with the facials at the Delamar in Greenwich }

Bath Time Lilies and Lambs

{ And this face. Gets me every time }