Toddler Toy and storage essentials

Toddler Toy and Storage Essentials

Recently I've received a lot of messages regarding toddler toy and storage essentials. More specifically, many of you are interested in what toys I'd recommend purchasing for when the littles visit, and how to store them- I'm looking at you, grandmas. 

So here's the truth: I'm not a master at storing toys. In fact, no matter how hard I try, I really have not found a way to mask the fact that most rooms in our house have turned into makeshift playrooms. But, I've accepted this phase in our life, and am OK with Playroom-Chic being our current style of decor. And I do pride myself on the fact that in two-plus years I've never had to throw away a puzzle due to missing pieces. So, with that being said, when it comes to storage I'm a big believer in baskets and bins. The prettier {and bigger} the better. I love this black and tan basket  and this ivory jute basket for storing toys in our living room- they come in all colors and designs, making it easy to match the style of pretty much any room. In terms of bins, I'm obsessed with this two-bin storage unit from Land of Nod. In a perfect world, these are organized by type of play- i.e a basket for musical toys, a basket for dress-up, a bin for arts and crafts, etc. But ultimately, at least in my house, everything ends up in one basket. But I promise it takes just a minute or two sort them out every once in a while.

When it comes to toddler toys, there are a few that keep MM and her friends entertained these days. Firstly: Dress up. I've found that the boys and girls alike are fans of pretend play, and Maddie and her friends love putting a costume on to be a doctor, or princes, or superhero. I keep a drawer in her room and a bin downstairs stocked with some of her favorites, like these wands and this Wonderwoman costume.

Even when not playing dress-up, MM loves a good game of pretend. She's been in love with her kitchen, like this one here, since she was little. And recently she went wild for this cleaning-kit from Melissa and Doug. Honestly, she walks around the house "cleaning" messes. And it's pretty cute.

In addition to pretend play, I love having a few educational toys on hand, like this alphabet puzzle and these interactive airplane and train books. And lately we've been really into matching games, like these Dr. Seuss flashcards.

Arts and crafts are also always a great way to entertain the littles. Maddie received this tabletop paper roll for Christmas, and it is a game changer- its so easy for her to take out to color, rip off her artwork, and then store when she's done. We also love these egg-shaped washable crayons for coloring- always opt for washable. If you have space to set up a little art corner, this Art and Storage table takes care of entertainment and storage in one, making it a win-win.

And if you're gearing up for spring- like we are!- I'd invest in some sort of toddler vehicle. MM loves her little car during the warmer months, and mom loves that dad can control where it goes via remote. 

What are your favorite toddler toys? How do you keep them organized?

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