Friday Favorites

Lilies and Lambs

This week MM battled her first real stomach bug.

In terms of bugs, it wasn't all that bad. But it still hurt my heart to watch her struggle and feel so uncomfortable in her body. If only for 24 hours. 

And it got me thinking about taking care of ourselves as mamas:

It's important to do for us to be more than mom; to be whole.

But I realized this week that this sort of self-care is in preparation for these very times-  the sick days and nights; the days we feel helpless and tired; the days we go without showers or sleep or miss a workout.

And this week’s bout with the bug was certainly one of these very days.

The kind where I looked down at nine PM only to see I had been covered in throw up all day. And while a cashmere sweater caked in dry sickness could have been a final emotional straw, I felt prepared. And Mommy-Time, and a date night, and all the sweat sessions in the prior days had filled my tank right up to the brim- so I could do my best when she needed me most. 

So on that sick day, I was more than happy to do my job- to get covered in all the throw up and tears; to miss a work out, and shower and a meal of my own to make sure she was better. Because in these two plus years I’ve learned not only that full tanks help, but also that these tired moments will pass. And more often than not, a hot shower is only a day away. 

Here’s to a happy and healthy weekend, friends. And happy March, too!

Here are a few of my favorite things from the week:

Lilies and Lambs

Palm tree dreaming.

Lilies and Lambs

I've been using this MOMO shampoo and conditioner from davines for a few months now, and I love the fresh scent that reminds me of diptyque's figuier.

Lilies and Lambs E Lou

Obsessing over this dreamy color palette for MM from E Lou {here}.

Winc Lilies and Lambs

A few bottles from my latest Winc shipments. I'm typically a red girl, but am really feeling the white grapes these days. Click here and use code MARKETT118 for $25 off your first order.