Friday Favorites

Lilies and Lambs McArdle's Greenwich

Another week, another crazy case of Connecticut weather.

This winter just won’t quit; and this Mama is just about over it. That being said, snowfalls and cold aside, the sun has been shining; and there’s nothing quite like the sun peeking through over a morning cup of coffee. Even on the coldest of days.

And I could just kiss that extra hour of daylight thanks to the time change. 

This week was a quiet one- mornings at our favorite breakfast spots, trips to the beach with the pup, afternoons spent in PJs. Nothing too crazy was planned, but it’s the simpler days that are often just what we need. 

We’re looking forward to another slow weekend at home; but I’m trying my hardest to convince the hubby to venture out to dinner and a movie. It’s been no less than three years since we’ve seen one together, and I’ve got an itch that needs to be scratched.

Comment below with your movie recs- they’re greatly appreciated!

Happy Weekend! 

Sweet Pea's Lilies and Lambs

{Breakfast with my people at our favorite local bakery} 

Lilies and Lambs Tod's Point

 {Crisp, but sunny, beach walks}

Meli Melo Crepes

 {Rainbow crepes at Meli Melo}


{My friend Buddha, plus my new guilty pleasure read}