Life Lately

Lilies and Lambs Inn at Pound Ridge

In like a lion, out like a lamb? Not too sure about that one this year. This sunshine is deceiving and it’s still cold as a mutha. And we’re expecting {yet} another winter storm later this week. Let’s just say my fingers are a little numb from googling vacations down in the south and I’m ready to board that jet plane towards sunshine. 

Despite the cold here- we’ve been making our own fun. Yes, this includes lazy days in our PJs some days. But we’ve mastered the art of baking with toddlers, and I’ve been stretching my cooking muscles, which I’m sure the whole family is happy about. This past weekend we made this delicious s’mores sushi with MM and her cousins. They were an absolute hit, and my brain is running wild with all the yummy variations we can create. 

My sister, P, stayed with us this past week. Which is always such a fun time and a massive help for this here mama. She’s one of those healthy types that likes to roast her own veggies and make her own salad dressings, and she left having inspired me to start doing the same. So I’ve dusted off that Vitamix and have been back to making morning smoothies and juices. I’m still loving this tried and true recipe and am always on the hunt for more. I’m thinking something involving some ginger. Thoughts?

Here are few more updates: 

Date Night: They’re few and far between over here, but last weekend we snuck out to one of our very favorite restaurants in nearby Pound Ridge. If you’re in the mood for a cozy, romantic and always delicious place you must try the Inn at Pound Ridge. And order their Cucumber Mint Martini- it’s everything you’d want in a cocktail. 

 Fertility Fighting: Yes, folks. We’re still fighting the good fight. I promised to be more open, but that’s harder than I thought. And it kills me to not have been able to share another success story quite yet. I’ve gone back and forth between whether to share at all- but then I think about all the amazing messages I’ve received; many of which let me know that my openness and honesty helps many of you feel less alone, and hopeful. So I’ll continue to share, in whatever capacity I can. For now, I’ll just say we’re in the thick of it. And my butt hurts like hell. But we’re hopeful; and a sore butt is more than worth the reward. 

Sunshine Dreaming: I wasn’t kidding about googling all the warm weather vacations spots. I’m itching for a trip. Potentially just me and the hubs. And I’m leaning towards South Carolina or South Beach. Taking any and all suggestions, thank you very much!

Face Masks and Cicapair: I detailed some of my new skin care products here and I’m still addicted to all of them. I’ve gotten a few questions about the Dr. Jart+ Cicapair line for redness, and I still swear by it. I find that it works best when used in conjunction with any of the Dr. Jart+ Hydrating masks- the sheet, rubber or shake and shot, any do the trick. Seriously, love. And not #sponsored or #gifted.

Book Worm: Not to brag or anything, but I’ve just finished my third book of the year and am already onto the fourth. That’s more books than I’ve read in the past three years. Pathetic, I know. I’m not sure what kept me from reading all these years, but I’m pretty sure her name rhymes with Haddie. Regardless, my husband says I’m back to being a nerd; and I’m enjoying it. What are your favorite recent reads??