Our Easter Picks

Easter Picks Lilies and Lambs

It feels like only yesterday my sister-in-laws and I had our annual "Who wants to host Easter?" talk; and the holiday felt like eons away. I think we all got an eye roll or two from our S.O’s, too. But that’s besides the point. Because time flies by these days; and just like that, Easter is a little over a week away. 

I’ll be honest, Easter lost a little bit of it’s spark between my adolescent years and when I had MM. Our family had stopped going to church together on Easter Sunday; we didn’t get together for family brunch. I’m pretty sure I spent most Easters of my adult life alone or going about as it was any other Sunday. 

And then came Maddie.  

And Easter is once again a pretty big deal. I get real into her baskets; choosing her outfit is something I very much look forward to; we go to church as a family, always with MM’s godmother in tow. And then we brunch. It’s one of our favorite family holidays and something I’m so happy has reappeared in our lives. 

Here are a few of my top picks this Easter- from dresses and shoes to some sweet basket stuffers.

What’s your favorite Easter tradition? 


Floral and Striped Dress {Horizontal}

Floral and Striped Dress {Vertical}

Pink Bunny Dress

Gingham Ears

Easter Crackers

Liberty Ears

Fluffy Bunny


Pink Chocolate Bar

Little Bunny Book

I Love Ewe

Pink Pom Sneakers

Bunny Sandals