Lilies and Lambs Rainbow Birthday

Last month, our girl turned three.

Gosh, where does the time go? 

The past few years I've thrown together some Pinterest-inspired parties- Maddie in Onederland, followed by a sunshine themed brunch to celebrate year two. And while those parties were super fun and oh so pretty, I decided to take this year off from my pinning aspirations and stick to something easy. I went straight to the source- and asked the birthday girl what exactly she wanted.

And it was simple:  dinner at Rose's House followed by a Rainbow party with the cousins. 

Done. And Done.

So we had a very casual, albeit delicious, dinner at our favorite local restaurant, Lugano. MM's referred to it as Rose's House for as long as she could speak- she has a very strong affinity for Rose, the owner. And its some of the best food around. 

We then retreated back to our house for a rainbow pajama party with her cousins and a few close friends. I kept the decor to a minimum- a few colorful balloons, a rainbow cake, and monogrammed robes for the kiddos. They danced and played and watched movies and ate popcorn. And I'm sure that despite the lack of intricate design details, it was our toddler's best birthday yet.

And turns out, all you really need is a pretty bunch of balloons to get your Pinterest shot.

What's your favorite kid-birthday theme?

Lilies and Lambs Rainbow Birthday
Lilies and Lambs Rainbow Birthday

Monogrammed Robes via Monogram Mary