Five Local- Ladies

New Series Alert

For those of you that think blogging's easy: Think again.

Creating original, thoughtful, beautiful content first and foremost takes time {amongst a few other things}. And being a stay-at-home mom, time is something I don't have a ton of these days. Particularly with MM home during the summer. So I've been brainstorming various ways that I can share all my favorite local things with my readers- think businesses, restaurants, brands, and entrepreneurs- in an efficient, yet thoughtful way.

So I've decided to launch a new roundup-up series called "Five Local." I'm aiming for weekly edits, but bare with me; at least until summer is over.

Each edition will feature a roundup of my favorites in various categories around town. And because one of my very favorite parts of blogging is the amazing local ladies I've crossed paths with, its only fitting the first edition showcase some of the great women I've met on this journey here at LL.

Here are five of my favorite local ladies. Head on over and show them all the love.

The stylist

The Girl Guide


Stephanie Trotta, The Girl Guide


Stephanie is the fashion blogger I could only dream to be. Her style is effortless; her hair is enviable; her palette is the perfect blend of neutrals; and she's a mom to boot. Plus, she offers styling services via her site- you can meet up in person, or schedule a virtual appointment. Too shy to hire a stylist? Do yourself a favor and shop her Instagram- she's always sharing amazing outfits and seasonal staples. 

where  / @stephanietrotta

The Special Touch

Monogram Mary Lilies and Lambs


Brook Labriola, Monogram Mary


I wasn't a huge monogrammer until I met Brooke. Nowadays, if you're receiving a gift from me for any occasion, you can expect a monogram a la Monogram Mary. She's one of the most creative, and sweetest, ladies I've come across; and she adds the most perfect, individual touch to any gift, event, or special occasion. From babies and birthdays to bridal showers and bachelorettes- and everything in between; she's your girl.

where / @monogrammary

The Gift Shop

Abigail Fox Lilies and Lambs


Abby Fox, Abigail Fox Designs


I fell in love with Abigail Fox Designs the day I moved to Old Greenwich. Our sweet neighbors gifted us her OG Roadie cups in our "Welcome to the Neighborhood" care package; and their still one of my favorite gifts to both give and receive. Her store has coastal presents at every price point- perfect for the hostess, your hubby, or just a treat for yourself. And if you're summering in Nantucket, make sure to stop by her pop up shop on the pier.


187 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich  / @abigailfoxdesigns

The Mom Blogger

Mrs Nipple


Elizabeth Ariola, Mrs. Nipple


Elizabeth is my mama blogger soul sister. Except her last name is much more on brand. Mrs. Nipple is the fashionable local mom of two under two- and she shares some of the best mommy must-have lists I've found. Plus her feed is really, really pretty. If you're a mom, or are just looking for some on-point outfit inspo, definitely check out her page {below}.

WHERE / @mrsnipple_

The Goods

Dudley Stephens


Lauren Stephens & Kaki McGrath, Dudley Stephens


Lauren and Kaki are the local sisters behind the super fashionable, and cozy, Dudley Stephens fleeces you've likely seen all around town. Their line is the perfect combination of fashion meets comfort, which suits my lifestyle as a mama just fine. My obsession started with the Cobble Hill Turtleneck. Then I needed their cozy wrap. And then the versatile Wythe Top. And then how could I resist the matching sweet little turtlenecks for MM?  Yesterday they launched a few new pieces for fall, and lets just say the addiction grows- eh hem, Brooklyn Bomber Jacket please, Phil. Check out their site for the perfect layering pieces for fall, and their feed for cute picks of these two sisters about town- in their #dsgoods of course.

where / @dudley_stephens