White Ruffles and Family Swims

Lilies and Lambs

After what felt like an eternity of rainy days being holed up indoors, we were finally graced with a few beautiful, summery days this week.  And we took every opportunity to soak up the sun and sand at our favorite local beach. 

Typically I enjoy our beach days from the comfort of a beach chair, clad in some sort of cover up. But this girl of ours is a fish. And would spend the whole day in the ocean if she could. So this week I tuned out those negative voices in my head- the ones that beat myself up for missing a workout or having that slice of pizza and convince me to stay on land- and I took off my cover up and swam with our girl and my guy. It was cold, and the water was a bit murkier than I’d like- but the smile on MM’s face when I joined them was beyond worth it. It wasn’t long before I was back on dry land, enjoying my new book while MM played with her dad- but I’m sure glad I did it, if only for a bit. 

Side note: God bless dads that swim and dig holes and hunt for crabs and build sand castles until your toddler is full out of steam. So much so that she can take a little beach nap while mom and dad relax together. 

Here's hoping for a weekend filled with more sunshine, beach naps + sweet summer dresses. 


Lilies and Lambs
Lilies and Lambs
Dress c/o  Harbour   

Dress c/o Harbour