My Take on Maternity Jeans

Maternity Jeans Lilies and Lambs

If you’ve seen my walking around town in jeans lately, then you may have seen my walking around town in jeans pulling them up over my pregnant behind every .5 seconds. It’s sad, and annoying, but true: Maternity jeans are not my friend. 99% of the time.

And I have tried on A LOT of them. 

After I found out I was pregnant a few months ago, I ordered a few online- stretchy, bump-friendly options from some of my favorite denim brands- Frame and Citizens and J. Brand. But unfortunately, nope, they didn’t cut it.

And then a few weeks later Phil happily stumbled upon my box of old maternity clothes in the attic while doing some spring cleaning. I hadn’t kept a whole lot of clothes from that pregnancy- I donated most of the less pricier pieces like tees and dresses. But I did hold on to my jeans- if only because they’re expensive and I didn’t want to replace them if and when baby number two came around. That box had even more options- YAY- 7 For All Mankind, DL1961 and even a few pairs from the Gap. But nope, no winners here either. I had forgotten how much these pairs quickly fell down, too.

And here lies my problem with maternity jeans- I have found more than a few pairs that are cute. In fact I’d say all of the 8 or so pairs I own looked nice when I try them on before heading out the door. But the stretch in them- and I understand the need for the stretch- is so great that, for me, doesn’t make for a lasting fit. Even when sizing down. And they fall down pretty much by the time I get the car. Every time.

Except for one single pair: The New Boyfriend Maternity Jean from Current Elliott x Hatch. The only pair of maternity jeans I can whole-heartedly endorse.

Yes, they are hands down the most expensive pair of maternity jeans I own. But they’re also the cutest, comfiest, most versatile; and they STAY PUT. Unlike the stretchier pairs where I sized down, I had to size up. A size or two. Which is always a tough pill to swallow; especially when pregnant. But it’s well worth it. They come in three washes- Loved, Sugar Destroyed and Love Destroyed. I have the Love Destroyed and wore them through the end of winter and will continue to wear them on cooler days in the spring and summer; and likely this fall post-baby. If you buy just one pair of preggo-jeans, this would be my pick for sure.

Do you have a favorite pair of maternity jeans? Comment below!


photos by Julia Dags

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