Four years ago today, at 3:06 am, we met your for the very first time.

Maybe met is the wrong word. Because we knew you well before then.

For so long before that day, we knew you were ours. You filled our dreams with hope for a family; one that had to include you- your spirit, your heart, your love of life and happiness and us.

We pictured you at every doctor’s appointment- even in that first year, before you were a ball of cells. We envisioned you with every procedure; every pill I swallowed; every injection your father gave me. And that vision of you- of that sweet smile- kept us going every month, even before you made your first home in my belly.

And while we knew you would be worth it, you’ve surpassed even our wildest dreams.

There is not a day that goes by that I am not so grateful that you are ours. That you are here. That we we get to be yours, and we get to go through life by your side.

Even on the tough days; ones filled with growing pains and tears and miscommunications and frustrations. Yes, even on those. Because you are the very best parts of us; your soul shines so brightly and touches us in ways I can’t describe; and there is no one else I would have chosen to make me a mom.

Happy Birthday, my first girl. We love you. No matter what. More than anything. To the moon and back.


photo by Julia Dags