Collecting Little Art: Artkive PT I


Does anyone else struggle with what to do with all those pretty little masterpieces that come home from school with our kiddos? I sure do.

Ever since MM started preschool last year, I’ve been struggling about what to do with all the paintings, drawings, crafts and keepsakes that have come home signed by our girl. It’s made me a bit of a hoarder when it comes to her artwork; and I’ve been on the hunt for an alternative to keeping it in bins for eternity.

I came across the Artkive Box on Instagram- a parent-owned brand that preserves our children’s artwork by professionally photographing each piece and creating a beautiful hardcover book to enjoy for years to come. All you have to do is collect what you want to capture, sort and stack according to their form, and send it all back in their Artkive Box with their prepaid sticker to be made into a book, or mosaic if you choose.

I’ll be sending my box back this week- filled to the brim- and I can’t wait to see and share the final result.

And as an end of year treat, readers can enjoy $20 off their Artkive order using code LILIESANDLAMBS20 at checkout. Happy Collecting!


photos by Julia Dags