A bright + cheery Summer DIY with Scotties

Lilies and Lambs Scotties

Ever since becoming a mom, there are a few products that have become year-round staples in our lives: Hand sanitizer? Check. Band-Aids? Check. Facial tissue? Double Check.

These are the things that fill our home these days. Because germs, and boo-boo’s and sniffling, itchy noses can happen twelve months out of the year now. And that’s just with one little running around the house.

So when Scotties sent me their spring box designs that feature beautiful florals and bright seasonal colors, I was one happy mama.

Scotties facial tissue boxes come in a wide selection of designs, that are stylish without sticking out amongst our home decor. Not only do they add a little comfort to each room, but their boxes can be upcycled, too, to create a super fun and easy summer vacation project for the kiddos.

We’re always looking for simple crafts to pass the time on too-hot summer afternoons- particularly now that I’m sporting this growing bump of mine. So last week, on one such humid afternoon, Maddie and I sought refuge in the AC and used our empty boxes to brighten up our home with a DIY garland.

We picked up some pom-poms and letter stickers and used a few things we had around the house to create a pretty addition to Madeline’s bedroom bookshelf- a summery MADDIE garland strung with letters fashioned from Scotties boxes and rainbow-hued poms.

Scroll down to see our final product!

Lilies and Lambs Scotties
Lilies and Lambs Scotties
Lilies and Lambs Scotties 1.JPG
Lilies and Lambs Scotties 2.JPG
Lilies and Lambs Scotties
Lilies and Lambs Scotties
Lilies and Lambs Scotties
Lilies and Lambs Scotties
Lilies and Lambs Scotties

Here’s What You Need:

  1. Empty Scotties Tissue Boxes

  2. Letter Stickers

  3. Felt Pom Poms

  4. String

  5. Needle

  6. Exacto Knife

Lilies and Lambs Scotties


  1. Cut open empty Scotties facial tissue boxes and adhere letter stickers of your choice to the interior of the box.

2. Carefully use exacto knife or scissors to cut out letters.

3. Using a needle, string letters with pom-poms to create a bright garland for any room.

Lilies and Lambs Scotties

Thank you, Scotties, for sponsoring this post. As always, opinions are 100% my own.

Photos by Julia Dags


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