My Tattoo Diary

My Tattoo Diary Lilies and Lambs

Roughly ten years ago, at the ripe ole age of 25, I got my first tattoo.

It hadn’t been a long time coming; I never really imagined myself getting a tattoo, I never begged my parents for one growing up. But one day, I woke up and really wanted one. Needed one, actually. So I headed to the local parlor in downtown Santa Barbara and scratched my tattoo itch. And I got somewhat hooked after that first brush with ink.

In the few years following I would get a few more, making my total count of current tattoos four. And while it’s been some time since I’ve gotten a fresh one, I know there will be more once this babe arrives- sorry, Phil.

Here’s a breakdown of what I have so far:

My Tattoo Diary Lilies and Lambs


My first tattoo, the one that started it all. 6.11.32 in Roman numerals- my late grandfather’s birthday. I was induced with Maddie the morning of 6.11.15 and a part of my really hoped they would share the day. But in hindsight I’m happy they both have their own special dates.

My Tattoo Diary Lilies and Lambs

Ama Te Ipsum

My second, and certainly biggest, tattoo; and perhaps the one with the most meaning to me. I got this one with my mom, who has the same one on her forearm as well. It translates to “love yourself,” which really resonated with me when I got it, during a time of great personal transition; and now it remains so important to me as I journey through life and motherhood. You can read a little more about this tattoo here.


My sister Patty and I both have this one on our wrists. There are four siblings and four girls in our family, and we wanted something to always remind us of our bond. Now, I smile when I look at it knowing we will soon be a family of four in my own little family.

And, of course, my husband thinks it’s in honor of his high school lacrosse number {insert hard eye roll here}.

My Tattoo Diary Lilies and Lambs


My most recent tattoo, although I got it about six years ago now. I got this one when I moved back to the east coast. Objectively, it’s the cheesiest of my tattoos and the only one I feel like I could maybe do without. But I still love it. It will always remind me of the strength it took me to take a leap of faith and move back to Connecticut and start fresh, all by myself; and the loved ones that cheered me on along the way.

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photos by Julia Dags