My Complete Baby Registry

Complete Baby Registry Essentials Lilies and Lambs

Ask and you shall receive!

Yesterday I had a few requests via Instagram for a complete registry guide for baby. I then took to stories to poll your interest, and an overwhelming majority of ya’ll wanted to see my picks over here on the blog.

So here we go!

When it came to creating this registry, I focused on essentials you’ll need right away. Some registries out there will include things like toddler cups, books, and toys- all of which you’ll need someday, but not necessarily when you bring baby home. With the exception of a few bigger ticket items that make for great gifts from generous relatives- i.e umbrella and jogging stroller, activity mat, high chair- the majority of my picks are infant necessities.

Under Newborn Essentials I’ve included several varieties of newborn PJs. It didn’t take long with Baby Number One before I realize that, when it comes to pajamas, the easier to take on and off the better. I’m a HUGE fan of anything zip-up or magnetic, and these itty bitty baby gowns- all of which make mid-night changes all that much easier.

The car seat and all strollers linked below are tried and true picks that I’ve used with MM, and have saved, and will use, for Baby Number Two.

When it comes to feeding, you’ll notice I included, but didn’t link to, a breast pump- this is only because I don’t have much experience with them and I believe deciding on one is a personal choice. The same goes for formula choices, should you choose to bottle feed.

And, finally, I’ve included my favorite newborn detergent. I’ve already stocked up on a few bottles and have started washing all of the babe’s clothing, blankets and sheets in it; and the smell is giving me all the sweet, infant feels.

Scroll down for all my registry picks for baby, and be sure to comment below with anything you would add!




Crib Sheets



Changing Pad

Changing Pad Cover

Baby Hangers

Diaper Genie

Diaper Genie Refills




Storage Baskets

Newborn Essentials


Zip Up Sleepers

Magnetic Sleepers


Sleep Sack




Diaper Wipes

Baby Gear + Travel

Car Seat

Every Day Stroller

Umbrella Stroller

Jogging Stroller

Travel Crib


Car Mirror

Car Window Shade

Diaper Bag for Mom

Diaper Bag for Dad

Baby Carrier

Baby Wearing

Nursing + Feeding

Breast Pump

Breast Milk Storage



Formula Dispenser

Bottle Brush

Bottle Soap

Drying Rack

Bottle Warmer

Burp Cloths



High Chair


Baby Bathtub

Baby Body Wash + Shampoo

Healing Ointment


Infant Towel

Bathtub Spout Cover


Baby Detergent


Nasal Aspirator

Hand Sanitizer

Non-Toxic Cleaner

Activity Mat

photos by Julia Dags


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