Hospital Bag Must-Haves + A Major Giveaway


34 weeks pregnant and its just about time to pack my hospital bag. Eek!

I can’t believe how quickly the last few months have gone by- it really is so much faster the second time around. And we can’t wait to meet our newest girl!

To celebrate the arrival of Baby Number Two, I’ve teamed up with Greenwich Moms and the Local Mom’s Network to share my Hospital Bag Essentials and to give away one bag filled to the brim with all my must-haves to one lucky reader- valued at $1500!*

When I packed up my hospital bag for Maddie, I brought so many things I didn’t need- hi, baby diapers; and forgot so many essentials- my own towel, flip flops, and snacks, to name a few. This time around, I made a list and checked it twice, and am focused on bringing all the necessities to make this hospital stay as comfy as can be for mom and baby.

Scroll down to see what’s in my bag, all the goodies we are giving away, and to how enter below!


In My Bag

Comfy PJs

I think I lived in PJs for about three weeks after having Maddie. Once baby comes there’s nothing like finally getting out of that hospital gown and cozying up in a pair of your own comfy pajamas.

Take Home Outfit for Baby + Baby Blanket

I’ve already packed my take-home outfit from Sammy + Nat- they have the most adorable prints in itty bitty footie sets that are perfect for hospital photo-ops. I’m also bringing along a super soft baby blanket- I brought Maddie’s with me when I delivered her, and she still sleeps with it every single night.


To comfortably pull this hair back during labor, and probably for many days to follow.

Sleep Mask

Rest can be scarce in the hospital- with the bright lights and feedings, and nurses constantly checking on you throughout the night it can be hard to get some sleep. But this time around I’ll be bringing along my favorite monogrammed sleeping mask to soak in every second of rest I can.


Finally! A comfy, stretchy, breathable pair of underwear to get your through that postpartum stage.

Water Bottle

To stay hydrated in those super dry hospital rooms.


I gave birth to Maddie at around 3am. I was starving after hours of labor, and NOTHING WAS OPEN. I’ll be bringing along all the snacks this time around.

Gift for MM

Whenever I ask advice on prepping for Baby Number Two, seasoned moms typically recommend bringing along a gift for the soon-to-be big sister. I will be wrapping a little gift up to give to Maddie in the hospital from the baby upon her arrival.

Travel Sized Skin Care

The shower situation left me a little wanting first time around- showering in the bathroom with a hose doesn’t exactly scream luxury- so this time I’m making sure to bring as many of my favorite beauty and cleansing products along in hopes of feeling as much like myself as possible after having baby.

Flip Flops

Again, due to the shower situation.

Cozy Towel

I forgot this key item the first time around, and I deeply regretted it. This time, I’ll be bringing along a big, cozy towel that will make me feel clean as a whistle and a little bit like home.

Warm Socks

To keep those toes warm in those chilly hospital rooms.

Google Home Mini

We listen to music on our mini at home most days, and it always puts me in a good mood. I’ll be bringing one along to the hospital to play some of our favorite tunes while we’re there.


What We’re Giving Away - A $1500 Value!

one Jujube hospital Bag

Roller Rabbit PJ set

Sammy + Nat Take Home Outfit

SheLaLa Scruchie + Earrings

Monogram Mary $100 Gift Card + Sleep Mask

PartumCare underwear

Kali Pads

Milkful Lactation Cookies

Dudley Stephens x Swell Water Bottle

Buckwhat + Mike’s Organic Snacks

Funky Monkey Gifts for Kids- Water Wow + Chalk Kit

Sherwood Green Life Travel Sized Beauty Products

Shoes ‘n More $50 Gift Card + Teekee Flip Flops

Back 40 Mercantile Towel

Kinney Lane Meal Service - free one week custom meal plan

Mary Heaven Acupuncture- 90 minute cosmetic facial ACUPUNCTURE treatment

*Giveaway begins tonight, July 23 at 9PM EST

video + photos by Julia Dags