A 36 Week Bumpdate + My Latest Go-To Accessory

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Happy Friday! We’re 36 weeks today, and now we’re really almost there. We’re four weeks away and in the home stretch to meet our girl. Compared to my first pregnancy, this one has been quite a breeze. And I’m so grateful that I’ve had the energy and time and physical ability to document it here, in this space. I was hesitant at first, to get in front of the camera, to share this personal journey. But now, looking back, I’m so happy I’ll have this little diary of this phase of life for years to come.

So as we enter the final month of pregnancy, here are a few updates on Baby Number Two:

Lilies and Lambs 36 Week Bumpdate.JPG

ON How I’m Feeling

Ok, kids. I’m finally exhausted. Like, really, really tired. I remembered feeling fatigue in the first trimester, but I had forgotten that it rears its annoying head again at the final stretch. And I’m feeling it. Waking up every three hours at night to pee? Check. A little bit of pregnancy insomnia? Check. Thankfully, Phil has been super helpful when it comes to entertaining MM at the end of the day; and, to be fair, she’s been pretty great about letting me take rests throughout the day when needed. Which has been amazing. Oh, and I’m also waddling around- no, literally- and have a few friendly stretch marks that I’m hoping will fade away once the babe joins us. But its all a small price to pay in the end.


I have been SUPER emotional this transition lately. Don’t get me wrong, I know once she’s here it’s going to be amazing- different, but better and with another girl we love so much already. But it’s hard to picture- what this new life will look like. It’s been the three of us for four solid years. And this first girl is our world. And while this second girl- the one we prayed for and fought for and wished for- is the missing piece of our puzzle, I can’t help but want to soak in these final weeks just the three of us before its forever changed. Even if for the better.

On Being Ready

I’m not sure if its because this second pregnancy came about so unexpectedly, or if its just the nature of the second time around, but boy, did we wait to prepare for Baby Number Two. Or we waited much longer than when we were pregnant with MM, that’s for sure. Its been a slow process, beginning with the nursery {here}; but we’re finally crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s. We’re stocked up on diapers and wipes and ginkies and bottles. I’ve washed all her new clothes in Dreft, and rewashed the wardrobe she’s inherited from her older sister, as well. The monitor is installed, bassinet is assembled, and in the next week or so we’ll install our infant car seat once again. Two car seats in the back seat. And my mind is officially blown.

on feeling pulled together

A happy bi-product of staying focused on the blog throughout this pregnancy is that it has forced me out of sweats and PJs, and into some normal clothes way more than I would have otherwise. Luckily, the upside of being so pregnant in the heat of the summer is that it is totally acceptable to live in a breezy maxi, which I’ve taken full advantage of. But if there’s an MVP of making me feel pulled together over the last 36 weeks, it would have to be- shocker- my ever-expanding headband collection. Particularly after my haircut debacle that happened a few months ago. Whether my hair is thrown in a pony, dirty from a few days without washing, or washed and straightened, I’ve found that throwing on a cute headband has made me feel like I look a little less tired and a little more ready for the day. And if you’re not into headbands, a little bit of hat work does the trick, too.

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photos via Julia Dags