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A Valentine's Day Brunch

Valentine's Day is just a week away; so to get in the spirit this past weekend,  I invited a few girlfriends over for a little ladies' brunch. 

I wanted to create a sweet party that was equal parts girly and unexpected- lots of bright pinks, balloons and bubbly combined with pops of black, gold tones and all the cold brew coffee.


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5 Indoor Activities To Do with the kids

Brrrr! At the risk of sounding redundant: its cold. And if you're home with the littles like Yours Truly, then cabin fever may be setting in already. This past week I brought out all the stops to keep MM entertained indoors. We dined out at our favorite restaurants. We attended the best local drop-in classes. And we even enjoyed some of our favorite indoor activities at home- in the comfort of our PJs. 

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In My Bag: Disney Packing Essentials

If you live anywhere near us here in Connecticut, you know the temperatures have dropped below frigid. I can't remember the last time its been this cold this early. As a native New Englander, I rarely complain about the cold. I'm not quite the wear-flip-flops-ti-there's-snow kind of New Englander that my husband is. But I can take a freezing cold day in January. 

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Holiday Gift Guide for Boys: Baby + Toddler

As promised: Mom Approved Holiday Gift Guide for Boys.  As a girl mom, this one required a little more legwork- polling a few of the little fellows in our life. I included the usual suspects: legos, firetrucks, tools and super heroes. As well as a few of the less obvious gifts that I've seen win over some major hearts: teepees and headdresses, anyone?

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Holiday Gift Guide for Girls: Baby + Toddler

It's November 1st, which means the holidays are officially right around the corner. This leaves us a little less than two months to check off all the good boys and girls off our shopping lists. The last few months of the year are always some of my favorites- bringing us holiday music, peppermint lattes, twinkling lights and all things red and green. But as the year comes to a close, things can also get a little hectic- as holiday visitors, parties and recitals can take over our already busy schedules, making it difficult to find time to pick the perfect present for each and every loved one. So in order to take the guesswork out of holiday shopping, I've rounded up my favorite gifts for girls: baby and toddler.

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Road Trip Must-Haves

After a few weeks weeks of being steadfast homebodies, we are officially gearing up for a much needed family vacation- yay! Just a few days away, nothing too crazy- but a change of scenery before the holidays are in full swing. We're staying relatively local- road tripping just a few hours north to beautiful Old Saybrook, where the agenda includes: enjoying some yummy food, relaxing at the spa, perusing shops with MM and Nana, taking in the coast's fall foliage and a local fall festival. We've always loved taking these little trips here and there, but there's just something about discovering new places with MM that makes it all the more fun.

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Disney Kid Flicks

In less than a month we are headed to the happiest place on earth. It's been ten years since I last visited. Now married with a mini mouseketeer of my own, I can't wait to get back with my little pack of weirdos {pictured above, circa 1999}.

Growing up we would go every year, sometimes twice a year. It was a quick flight to sunny Florida from our home in Connecticut- and it was always a welcome break from the never-ending winters and sometimes-gloomy springs.

My childhood memories of Disney are some of my very favorite, and I the anticipation of creating new memories with my own little family fills my heart with joy.

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We made it! Twelve hours of travel later and we are comfy at Mema's house in sunny California. Maddie was a rockstar, as was my mama who accompanied us on our maiden voyage out west. With a little prep and teamwork it was relatively painless- minus a few tears near the twelfth hour, literally. 

Here are few tips that got us through the day: 

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California dreaming

The pleasantly sunny, crisp weather lasted nearly mid-way through February, making me hopeful we would get through winter unscathed. But, sadly, the cold arrived the past few days- confining us to the coziness of our homes all holiday weekend long.

Luckily, we have a trip back to California to look forward to on these bitter cold days- only a week or so to go until MM boards her first flight, and to Mema's house we will go!

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MOM HACK: 5 Fave | Apps For Baby

I'm guilty of it- I let my baby use my cell phone. I won't plop her down with it during the day, but I will use it in a pinch- most often when we are out and her normal toys are no longer keeping her entertained. With some research, I found there are actually a lot of fun, educational apps out there for baby.

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