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Friday Favorites

TGIF- And a long weekend ahead of us, to boot.

The next week brings us a lot of excitement: a visit from Nana, our three year anniversary, a holiday family photo shoot, and our little one turns sixteen-months old. We're looking forward to enjoying some major family time in this crisp fall weather- walks in the park during the day and maybe a glass of wine or whiskey on the front porch for us adults- cozied up under a comfy blanket.

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May Roundup

Oh, May- where did you go? I feel like this past month flew by.

There was a lot of rain, a lot of wishing for spring to appear. But when it did, it was well worth the wait. The winters are long here in Connecticut. Lasting well beyond their expiration date.

The rainy days are no fun- particularly when you're cooped up with a mini that wants to explore the world. But on that first beach day- the one with the perfect breeze; the one with a cooler of watermelon and a basket of brand new beach toys; the one when your daughter dips her toes in the Sound for the very first time; the one that leaves a grin on her face, from ear to ear, for hours- that day makes it all worth it.

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