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Life Lately

My beautiful mama is en route back home to California, leaving a Nana sized hole in all our hearts here on the east coast.

We had an amazing ten days with our favorite lady- celebrating her birthday in both NYC and CT, enjoying many a lunch date with MM, and whipping up some delicious eats in the kitchen. These visits with her are always too short, no matter how many days we spend together. I never thought I'd be raising my girl so far away from loved ones that mean so much to us, but I will say that we do our best to make the best of it.

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Baby Girl Brands

Before I had MM I had a very specific vision of how I'd dress my mini. I pictured a trendy little girl clad in gender-neutral tones and cool Marc Jacobs-style prints. And no pink. None. So I guess if memory serves me,  I more took a firm stance on how I was not going to dress her: No pink. No frills. No lace. No Peter Pan collars. No prep. Nothing girly. And in the end, this list of "no's" couldn't more accurately describe my daughter's entire 'drobe- the contents of which scream "Little French Girl" much more than the kidchella-vibe I had envisioned.

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