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Mother's Day Giveaway

I can't believe it's that time of year again. Mother's Day is just around the corner. Meaning another year has flown by, and my Madeline Mae will be two before I know it. It's crazy how quickly the time can pass when you're raising tiny humans.

So in honor of my second year in this tribe called motherhood I decided to bring you a fun Mother's Day Giveaway.

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Bloomers Giveaway with Monogram Mary

Yes, I know: it's not yet Halloween and I'm posting pics all red and green. But the most wonderful time of year is so close I can taste it; and it's never too early to invest in a little holiday cheer. Particularly when it's spotted on adorable baby bums. And I fell so in love with these itty bitty bloomers from Monogram Mary that I just couldn't wait to share. They're the perfect addition to any festive dress- each one customized to suit your fancy. From whimsical to classic, she creates the perfect accent for any occasion.

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Monogram Everything

Four years back in my native town in New England, and I've officially caught the preppy bug.

This weekend I wore Vineyard Vines + Roberta Roller Rabbit, and even toted a Lily beer bucket to the beach. It just felt right.

As for Madeline, I've dressed her up as a mini-prepster from the beginning- she wears corals and prints; seersucker and gingham; and has just about every pair of RRR PJ's on the market. The girl's collection of Lily dresses is enviable, and a peter pan collar was made to frame that little face. And now that I've found the most adorable monogram shop, I've taken this look to a whole new level.  

Monogram Mary has spurred a monogram craze in this household- a fun and easy way to make Maddie's pieces just a hint more special.

We started with an adorable red, white and blue number for the holiday weekend, and some super sweet Roberta Roller Rabbit PJs- successfully making this blue pair of PJs just a touch more girly with a pop of hot pink.

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