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Favorite Local Kid-Friendly Restaurants

One of the many perks of raising our daughter in the very town we grew up in, is the ease with which we can share our favorite childhood memories with her.

Yes, my husband and I both grew up here in Connecticut. We even attended the same elementary school, though several {sorry, babe} years apart. And so we share so many memories of the same people, places, and activities that molded our youth; and are happy to be able to share them with Madeline in our daily lives. 

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Friday Favorites

The last few weeks of summer are upon us, and if you follow along with me you know I'm pretty excited for what's in store. Theres a crisp chill in the early morning air, orange + black goodies grace the market aisles, and the days are ending just a tad bit sooner; meaning the leaves will soon turn into that magical burnt color that makes my heart melt. That being said, I don't think I've ever quite enjoyed a summer the way I've enjoyed this one- and while I'm excited for fall, there's a small part of me that is sad to say goodbye. I guess a little one will do that to you.

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