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MOM HACK: 5 Fave | Apps For Baby

I'm guilty of it- I let my baby use my cell phone. I won't plop her down with it during the day, but I will use it in a pinch- most often when we are out and her normal toys are no longer keeping her entertained. With some research, I found there are actually a lot of fun, educational apps out there for baby.

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What's the Word, Hummingbird?

Making the decision to announce our big news to our world via social media was one that took a lot of thought. To post or not to post, that was the question.  For us, getting pregnant wasn't easy, so we hesitated to post something so big on a social platform- we didn't want to hurt feelings or "jinx" anything...  In the end, however, we felt the joy was something worth sharing-- and considering so much of our family and friends are scattered across the country, it really was the fastest way to get the word out.  We toyed with a lot of ideas, including the red, white + blue option above-- she'll be a summer baby, my husband has a summer birthday, and those moccasins are just too cute.  But, in the end, we opted for a bean boot tribute in front of the fire.  We posted on Christmas Day, and it just felt right. 

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Hello, hello! After a very long hiatus, I've decided to leave my former blog, mvsees, behind and begin anew- new site, new look, new year, new perspective.  I'm looking forward to posting about the things I've always loved- recipes, decor, fashion... our bulldog.  And now sporting a growing baby bump, I'm thrilled to incorporate glimpses into the big changes going on around here- maternity style, nursery inspo, teeny tiny baby clothes, lullabies + little lambs. Check back for daily posts, and be sure to follow my IG account @lilies_and_lambs for more pics!

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