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Candy Cane Kiss Cupcakes

I'm the kind of person that always has a box of cake mix in the pantry. And generally speaking, this is something I'm not super proud of. I'd much rather be the kind of person that whips up a cake from scratch on the rare occasion a home-baked cake is needed; or the kind of person that didn't crave cake; or the kind of person that doesn't eat most of said cake in one sitting; or some combination of the three.

But being that I'm not, I had a box on hand yesterday. And on that cold and very rainy day, when my daughter was on a nap strike and happened to be fighting a cold- I've never been happier to be that kind of person.

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Friday Favorites

And then there were three.

As the oldest of four, I'm no stranger to a bustling house. Growing up, ours was the one friends flocked to- my mother always abiding by a strict stocked fridge and open door policy.  So with my immediate family spread across the country, it sometimes remains an adjustment to the slower pace of a family of three.

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