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Fall Wish List

Fall, is that you?

Give me a few fallen leaves and some crisp, cool nights and I’m all in. If you don’t believe me, take a glance at me feed: it’s all chunky knits and plaids and deep, burnt browns. We’ve had our first official Sunday Football gathering of the season- complete with wings and bloodies and our very first September fire. And while I’ve grown to love summer, I’m so very happy to be knee deep in autumn.

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Craving For Fall

I catch a lot of slack for my love of fall. That first breezy September morning and I'm hooked on autumn, even though we have a few weeks left of our dear friend summer. Lucky for me, its been a cool few weeks- the mornings just crisp enough to warrant a wrap to cozy up with my cup of joe.

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Semi Homemade Candy Corn

Growing up my mother would always tell me stories of her own childhood holidays- recounting stories of hours in the kitchen with her grandmother, making homemade candies by the dozens. Its a sweet memory of hers that I cherish as well- one that conjures nostalgic images of a perfectly simpler time. Maybe a ham baking in the oven, adults drinking egg nog, Bing on the record player. No iPhones, no Sonos, no video chat. Just a little girl making memories. 

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A Spooky Night In

Just thirteen days left until Halloween, giving us plenty of time to enjoy a few family nights-in with some of our favorite spooky, but kid-friendly, flicks. There's nothing better on a crisp, fall night than cozying up with my love and my mini to enjoy a classic. Last night we opted for my all-time-favorite, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I pulled out some cozy fall blankets, baked some festive sugar cookies {thank you, Pillsbury}, and cuddled-up in front of the fire to watch the Peanuts gang celebrate the season.

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Black and Orange | Oreo White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Every now and then Maddie Mae will give me a nice, long midday nap. And I happily receive them as a "thank you" for being her mama. Some weeks, these naps can be few and far between, but we're still working on her manners. But on those days when she does give me a little naptime "thank you," I enjoy a few extra hours of mommy-time: to fold that laundry, tidy up, get some writing done, and, sometimes, even bake a batch of homemade cookies.

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Friday Favorites

TGIF- And a long weekend ahead of us, to boot.

The next week brings us a lot of excitement: a visit from Nana, our three year anniversary, a holiday family photo shoot, and our little one turns sixteen-months old. We're looking forward to enjoying some major family time in this crisp fall weather- walks in the park during the day and maybe a glass of wine or whiskey on the front porch for us adults- cozied up under a comfy blanket.

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Perfect Pumpkins

There are few things that get us excited the way holiday decorating does- the first glimpses of it conjuring up such excitement for all the last quarter of the year has to offer. For us, the holidays start with the fall; and on that first day we pull out our trusty fall wreath and start mulling those spices. And while we always have pumpkins, this year I wanted to take a more sophisticated spin on the seasonal favorite. So when we found these unique beauties during a recent trip to our local Terrain, it was love at first sight.

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Honey Apple Galette

When it comes to baking, I'm a "the simpler the better" kind of gal.  Meaning most of the time, if not all the time, you can find me baking some kind of cookie, or a simple bar, or brownie variation. Cakes, pies, and tarts, as delicious as they may be, simply being too intimidating for this novice baker. But with a kitchen full of freshly picked apples, I wanted to venture beyond my comfort zone and try sometime new.

So when I found the rustic, freeform pastry known as the galette, I knew it was the perfect way to spread my baking wings.

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Feeling Festive

This past weekend we really got into the spirit of the season- pumpkin patch, pumpkin beers, pumpkin loafs... Oh, my! Decorations were brought out of hiding, Maddie donned her Halloween bib {teething=drool, all day 'err day} and we finally got to use those Trick or Treat Roadie cups I've been obsessing over. A trip to the pumpkin patch followed by seasonal treats- brown sugar baked brie, candy corn, and all things pumpkin- made for the perfect autumn day with family and friends.

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