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Friday Favorites

It's been a long week, but Friday is finally here; and we have lots of holiday cheer to spread this weekend. Tomorrow we have a much anticipated family outing to the city, to show Madeline NYC all decked out for Christmas. We will see family and friends and maybe share a glass of champagne, or two. And I can't wait to see our girl's face when she sees that tree- all lit up and magical. Here's to a great weekend!

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Nursery Update

A few months before Madeline was born I shared the start of what I referred to as her Neutral Nursery - the beginnings of a room for a baby girl, free of pinks and frills and anything too girly. I put my heart and soul into creating that room- artfully choosing pieces for every nook and cranny; envisioning our girl someday enjoying all of them. 

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Neutral Nursery

Even before I found out we were pregnant, I knew I wanted a non-traditional nursery- no race cars or airplanes for baby boy, no hearts or princess tiaras for a girl. So when we found out we are having a baby girl (YAY!) I set out on a minimalistic grey-and-white themed nursery. I've never been too girly, and I tend to avoid most pink tones in general, and I wanted something sophisticated for our little lady.  However, as the nursery progressed it became clear we needed to incorporate some color into the space. My husband, being more traditional than I,  advocated for the use of at least some pink from the beginning.  "It's too girly," I would argue. To which he always responded, "Well, she IS a girl."

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