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Hello, September

A few days late, but it's finally time to give a big "hello" to September.

The last official month of summer was good to us- bringing another trip to Florida, a few great family beach days, some city adventures and lots of BBQs. {Pictured above}

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August Roundup

Oh, hay September.

Now we begin the start of my favorite third of the year- apple picking, back-to-school shopping, football and fire pits are just around the corner. And while this summer was just as stunning- and not too hot- as ever, I'm giddy as a school girl to welcome the last stint of the season and the beginning of fall.

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Monthly Roundup: May In Review

And just like that- we enter the sixth month of the year. Before we know it, 2017 will be half way over. It's crazy how time flies as an adult- I guess raising tiny humans will do that to you.  

This May was bitter sweet, for sure. We had beautiful days; and we had gloomy ones. We had perfect beach mornings;  and afternoon hailstorms. We celebrated Memorial Day Weekend with family and friends at our local Greenwich Town Party and a perfect lobster boil at our home; but not before we had to tearfully say goodbye to our four-legged fur baby, Henry.

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March Roundup

OK, Mother Nature. Joke's over. Bring on the spring. These winters in Connecticut have never been my favorite, but lately they seem to be staying way past their welcome. Although this winter didn't keep us snowed in too many times, it just won't seem to end. And bright spring-like days are quickly followed up by cold or rain or snow. 


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The Most Wonderful

Oh, hello, December.

I spend all year waiting for you; my excitement for what December brings- all things sugar and spice; magical music, festive gatherings with family and friends- trumping the other eleven months of the year. Beautiful as they may be. And this year, while I'm beyond happy to greet this month with open arms, as usual; I will admit that, in terms of November's, this one was one of my favorites.

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October Roundup

And just like that: it's November. Meaning yours truly will turn a year older in just a few short days. It's amazing how quickly this year has flown by; and our October was no exception. But it was sweet as it was short; and we made the most out of one of our favorites: visiting pumpkin patches, decorating, mulling spices and dressing up for MM's second Halloween.

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Friday Favorites: September Roundup

So tomorrow brings us the month of October- perhaps one of my favorites of the year. It's now officially fall, all things pumpkin are back in style, and autumnal decorations are in full swing. It's also host to one of my most beloved holidays, the day I married my best friend, and the moment I found out I was pregnant with my little love. Not a bad resume for one little month. And while I'm happy you're here, October, I can't deny the beauty that was our September. We celebrated a wedding, showed our girl her first apple orchard, enjoyed a few final beach trips, took a much needed vacation out east; and in its final days decorated our home all-fall-like... And Maddie seems to approve.

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May Roundup

Oh, May- where did you go? I feel like this past month flew by.

There was a lot of rain, a lot of wishing for spring to appear. But when it did, it was well worth the wait. The winters are long here in Connecticut. Lasting well beyond their expiration date.

The rainy days are no fun- particularly when you're cooped up with a mini that wants to explore the world. But on that first beach day- the one with the perfect breeze; the one with a cooler of watermelon and a basket of brand new beach toys; the one when your daughter dips her toes in the Sound for the very first time; the one that leaves a grin on her face, from ear to ear, for hours- that day makes it all worth it.

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April Showers

If April showers bring May flowers, then we are in for a treat.

Spring has been a bit shy the past few days- giving us glimpses of its glory, then sneaking away to hide behind the clouds {and snow}.

Thankfully, forecasts call for brighter and warmer days in the near future, getting me super excited to explore another season with my loves. As those sunnier days approach, I've been thinking about my spring favorites.

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