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Spring Fever with Toucca Kids

Is it just me, or are these glimpses into spring pretty much everything right now? We've had a few of them recently here in Connecticut, and they're just what I need to get me through the last leg of the winter. The temperatures have been somewhat all over the place- and I'm pretty sure wearing a dress without tights for a hot minute last week was pretty confusing for our girl- but as long as that sunshine keeps peeking through, I'm all set.

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Tutus + Teepees

Sometime in the last few months this car, truck and spiderman-loving tom-girl of ours decided to change her tune. Sure, she'll still get excited when she hears an airplane flying by, but recently her interest have taken a turn for the girly. Ever since Nana bought MM her first fairy costume, she's been addicted to all the tulle. 

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Over the weekend we celebrated our girl's second birthday. And I just can't stop asking myself: but really, where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday we were assembling layers of her smash cake, wondering how our newborn babe had grown up so fast. And it just doesn't slow down.

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Snack and Discover

The days are long, but the years are short.

That's for certain.

Sleepless nights with an infant transform into nonstop days with a toddler (or two). All in an instant. After almost two years with my girl, its about the one thing I know for sure.  And throughout the last twenty-one months, I've asked myself time and time again "where did the time go?"

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Little Lounger

If you followed along way-back-when, then you know that it was a struggle finding a sleep situation that worked for us when we first brought our little girl home. Being that she was an itty bitty little thing, the thought of her in another room in a big {albeit comfy} crib made me cringe a little.

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Spring Edit

Because the birds have been chirping and the skies have been blue, I've been looking towards springtime now more than ever.  MM has been living in her Hunter Boots {here}, and I can't wait to dress her up in all things seersucker and floral in the upcoming months.

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Friday Favorites | Bonpoint Sale

When I was pregnant with MM, my mother and I serendipitously came upon the most magical baby store a girl could ask for. It was a cold, snowy day in NYC, and we were determined to ignore the weather and enjoy a shopping day in Soho. Looking for some much needed warmth, we hopped into what world be one of my very favorite baby boutiques: Bonpoint.

I loved everything. The decor. The color palette. The whimsy of the little French dolls, stuffed animals and keepsakes. And the clothes. Ahhh, the clothes. And so the addiction began. 

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If you looked outside, you'd never know it. But we got one heck of a snowfall last weekend. And it was the perfect opportunity to bundle our little girl up and take her for a sled-ride in one of her very favorite Christmas presents. Because she's just a little thing and it was cold {like really cold} we didn't venture too far; my other half just leading her around the front and backyard.

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Nursery Update

A few months before Madeline was born I shared the start of what I referred to as her Neutral Nursery - the beginnings of a room for a baby girl, free of pinks and frills and anything too girly. I put my heart and soul into creating that room- artfully choosing pieces for every nook and cranny; envisioning our girl someday enjoying all of them. 

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No Matter What

Since MM was an itty bitty newborn, we've always taken a few minutes before bed time to read stories to our girl. Over the past year we have acquired a few favorites- Giraffes Can't DanceLlama Llama Red PajamaI Love You Stinky Face- children's books that have now become some of my most loved stories. And since day one, our favorite has been an adorable book about a little one's worries called No Matter What- a sweet story that I can now recite blindfolded.

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