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Pretty Prints with Roberta Roller Rabbit

If you check the weather forecast, you would never know that we were in t-shirts and sandals yesterday, enjoying the teasing, spring-like sunshine.

Alas, that is life in New England. And despite the predicted snowstorms, we pretended it was spring nonetheless, and headed to one of our favorite local shops to see their new pretty prints for the season.


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The Bangle Bear

In less than a week my little lady will turn one. And I really can't believe it. It feels like only yesterday we were sleeping in shifts; rocking a five pound new born to sleep into the wee hours of the morning. That little peanut has quickly transformed into a little human- one with a big personality and an even bigger smile.

It's like I've said before- the days are long, but the years are short- and this one flew by in the blink of an eye.

But before the big day arrives,  there's much to be done. This week I'll be in full on planning mode- preparing for family to arrive, gathering some finishing touches for my girl's Onederland and putting together a slideshow as I very likely fight back tears.

And like all other busy weeks over the last year, I'll likely be sporting a mom-bun- because who has time to blow out their hair when you're raising a tiny human?

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I Love Us

I've been obsessed with little gold necklaces for as long as I can remember.

It probably all started with Carrie Bradshaw, as most fabulous things did twenty years ago. Admittedly, I was a sucker for her "Carrie" necklace- asking for my own for my fourteenth birthday. I wore it with fidelity until one blurry night in my mid-twenties.  I miss that little necklace; and often still look back fondly on the sweet memories made while wearing it.

Now, a mom in my early thirties, my love for little gold necklaces continues.

A year ago my sister gifted me a beautiful nameplate that would perfectly fill the shoes of the one I had lost- this one engraved with a much more important name than my own. It's stayed on my neck since the day my Maddie was born, and it will forever be one of my most favorite things.

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Monogram Everything

Four years back in my native town in New England, and I've officially caught the preppy bug.

This weekend I wore Vineyard Vines + Roberta Roller Rabbit, and even toted a Lily beer bucket to the beach. It just felt right.

As for Madeline, I've dressed her up as a mini-prepster from the beginning- she wears corals and prints; seersucker and gingham; and has just about every pair of RRR PJ's on the market. The girl's collection of Lily dresses is enviable, and a peter pan collar was made to frame that little face. And now that I've found the most adorable monogram shop, I've taken this look to a whole new level.  

Monogram Mary has spurred a monogram craze in this household- a fun and easy way to make Maddie's pieces just a hint more special.

We started with an adorable red, white and blue number for the holiday weekend, and some super sweet Roberta Roller Rabbit PJs- successfully making this blue pair of PJs just a touch more girly with a pop of hot pink.

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I've been a bag girl for as long as I can remember. In middle school I rocked Kate Spade with the best of them. In college it was all about Balenciaga. I've had a love affair with Marc Jacobs and Louis and, of course, Chanel. And most recently I've been obsessed with all things Celine. I'm a firm believer in the idea that the bag makes the outfit- even if the outfit is sweat pants and a tee, paired with a pretty purse dangling from a forearm. 

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Mommy Needs Coffee

Oh, cup of joe. Let me count the ways. It was hard taking a break from you those long nine months; but our reunion after was pure bliss. And never did I ever need you so much as I did in those first, newborn months. I overdid it at times, but eventually, we found balance. And now I enjoy you a {moderately} reasonable amount thoughout the day. That morning cup, most often at 5am, is a life-saver- and is almost worth getting up for.

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Wish List Wednesday

Is it really the middle of March? How is this even possible? Daylight savings came and went, leaving us all in need of an extra cup of caffeine on Monday; Maddie Mae turned nine months over the weekend, and St. Patrick's day is just a few days away. Time flies when your chasing after a tiny, crawling human. 

With spring just around the corner- despite the fact that this weather is having a serious identity crisis- we've been doing some early spring cleaning, brainstorming some redecorations, and planning a few upcoming trips.

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My sisters are cooler than me- I admit it.

Now don't get ahead of yourselves girls; there was a time when I was the cooler of the three. Days when I donned glowing extensions, pucci arms bands and Manolos on the reg; while you were knee deep in Justice and Claire's.

But as I've mentioned before {here} mommyhood has given me temporary fashion-amnesia. So on a recent trip home to California, I took advantage of ten whole days of shopping with my younger sisters-turned-stylists- no, literally, they are both stylists.

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SAHM Style

Recently my mama and sister returned from an amazing trip around the world- 58 days, 13 cities, 8 countries, and 4 continents. We have all been pretty jealous, to say the least. Along with beautiful pictures and enviable stories, they brought back drool-worthy "souveniers" from their travels- bracelets, shoes and candles for mom; and a closet full of Parisian pieces for Madeline Mae.

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My youngest sister, Erin {Er-Bear, Bear for short}, has impeccable taste- timeless, classic, and effortlessly chic; all at the ripe-old-age of 21. So when it came to my baby shower, it was no surprise when she gave me the most beautifully sentimental present- a Jennifer Meyer nameplate, inscribed with my initials on one side and my daughter's soon-to-be nickname on the other.

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Wednesday Wishlist

With temperatures reaching a balmy 41 degrees the past few days, I'm hoping us east coasters can start to to break free from hibernation, say "bye, Felicia" to this winter, and begin to enjoy our lives again. I've been engaging in the fun exercise of planning trips online to warm and tropical places- full well knowing our schedules and this bump probably won't allow for them to actually happen. 

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