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Beachside Picnic with One Hope
Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air. 

I fell in love with the beach soon after I fell in love with my husband; his affinity for sandy feet and salty hair being infectious as they were. Despite growing up more poolside than seaside, he made a convert out of me- persuading me with clambakes, beachside corn-hole, summer sails, and sunset picnics replete with our favorite wines. 

And while corn-hole and sails come a little less often now that we are a party of three, the sunset picnic still remains a weekly tradition.  Living just a few miles from our local beach, we often throw together an impromptu picnic a few times a week- packing the essentials for a quick an easy weekday date, if only for a glass of wine and quick bite while the sun sets. 

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Cinco de Mommy-Time

It's Cinco de Mayo!

Its been a while since I've celebrated this holiday- the fiestas for the fifth of May a little less vibrant on the east coast than they were on the west.

Luckily, my mama is in town on this years Cinco de Mayo- and that chica can make a margarita! 

She's pretty particular- fresh lime juice only- but it's the best tasting margarita we've had to date. So if you find yourself pouring a cocktail tonight, pickup these fresh ingredients and have yourself a damn good 'Rita.

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Cocktail Hour | OG Honey Bee

In our younger, childless, drinking days, my husband and I once enjoyed a long layover in Las Vegas. Had we been much younger and wilder, we would have perhaps ventured outside the airport and enjoyed a casino or two. Instead, we bellied up to the bar at the American Express Lounge and took full advantage of the free top-shelf cocktails. My husband will still tell anyone headed that way to stop by that lounge, which he fondly refers to as the "best bar in Las Vegas."

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