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12 Thanksgiving Tablescapes

As I mentioned before, this will be the first Thanksgiving I'm officially hosting myself- with my mother, as well as much of our family, scattered throughout the country this year. And while the gathering will be decidedly small, I've naturally spent the last few weeks pinning recipes and festive decor.

After my intimate birthday dinner party a few weeks ago, I'm feeling more inspired than ever to make this celebration extra beautiful.

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Neutral Nursery

Even before I found out we were pregnant, I knew I wanted a non-traditional nursery- no race cars or airplanes for baby boy, no hearts or princess tiaras for a girl. So when we found out we are having a baby girl (YAY!) I set out on a minimalistic grey-and-white themed nursery. I've never been too girly, and I tend to avoid most pink tones in general, and I wanted something sophisticated for our little lady.  However, as the nursery progressed it became clear we needed to incorporate some color into the space. My husband, being more traditional than I,  advocated for the use of at least some pink from the beginning.  "It's too girly," I would argue. To which he always responded, "Well, she IS a girl."

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