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20 Weeks

Twenty weeks and we’re half way there! 
It feels like it was just last week that we found out the unbelievable news; it’s going by so quickly this time, and yet there’s still so far to go. I forgot you’re basically pregnant for a year.

I didn’t have Lilies and Lambs when I was pregnant with MM, and as a result I didn’t document really any part of those nine months- in pictures or words. So there’s little in terms of physical memories of that part of our journey. 

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On IVF: Advice One and Onlys And gratitude

This past week was a great one.

Maddie was happy and healthy and back to school. We returned home from a family trip, and I’m currently packing our little family up for another one. I shared some thoughts on why I started this blog: both here and on my Instagram.

And I was touched by how many messages I received- that so many of you are going through the same journey; that most of you didn’t realize this was our story.

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To My Husband on Year Five

Dear Husband on Year Five:

We made it. To the first numerical milestone.

Five years ago we said I do. We met only a little over a year before that. And I fell hard for you- for the friend you were; for the man you are; for the father I always knew you would become.

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Seven Little Words

Yesterday this little girl told me seven sweet words that made my day.

No. My week.

Right when I needed it.  

It’s not that I was having a bad day, per se; but I had been solo parenting on a Sunday, which is a very rare occurrence for me.

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Life Lately

In like a lion, out like a lamb? Not too sure about that one this year. This sunshine is deceiving and it’s still cold as a mutha. And we’re expecting {yet} another winter storm later this week. Let’s just say my fingers are a little numb from googling vacations down in the south and I’m ready to board that jet plane towards sunshine.

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Terrific Twos

Three weeks into the new year and my head has been in a bit of a fog. In fact, if I’m being honest, it's pretty wiped out.

I blame this mostly on a cold/ flu that recently ravaged our household. It was horrible, and painful, and totally kicked our butts.

But I also blame it, in part, on a tiny little two-nager that has moved in to our house. She looks just like our Maddie Mae, but she’s prone to bossiness, mood swings and loves the word “No.” And she snuck right in.

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Sayonara, 2017; and welcome, 2018.  

This past year was a full one. It was full of up and downs; lessons learned; successes and setbacks.  

The wild majority of our year was filled with so much joy. Our girl turned two. My mother finally moved back east. We celebrated five years together and four happy years of marriage. I turned 33, feeling strong and happy as ever. We vacationed and laughed and loved and drank delicious wine. Lots of it. 

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Today my husband and I celebrate four years of marriage together.

Four years filled with laughter and tears; trying and triumphs; challenges and successes.

In those four years we made our girl. I turned thirty. We said goodbye to our first fur baby. We welcomed a crazy black lab to the family. We've become better friends. And better versions of ourselves. 

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ABCs + Apple Crisp Muffins

First day of school down, and I have to say: both mom and mini didn't do half bad. Actually, if we're being honest, she did better than the former.

I carried her into her classroom, yes; and while she played shy for 15 seconds, as soon as her little pink sneaker hit that floor she was off. And she never looked back.

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A Few Favorite Firsts {So Far}

My girl starts her very first day of school next week, and its making me just a tad emotional.

Yes, I'm very {very} excited to have a few hours to myself, a few days a week- to get some work done, tidy up the house and run the occasional errand that just can't be done with toddler in tow.

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