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Clean + Simple Swaps with Sherwood Green Life

As I’ve mentioned before {here} I’ve been pretty invested in clean beauty ever since becoming pregnant for the first time, roughly five years ago.

It was through a little bit of research way back then that I learned the importance of avoiding parabans and phthalates when pregnant. Immediately, I began switching over so many of the products I used on a daily basis; and I’ve been interested in clean, everyday swaps we can make at home ever since.

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Guasha Facial + A Special Giveaway

This morning I snuck away to finally experience my first Guasha Facial with my sweet friend Mary Heaven of Mary Heaven Acupuncture. And it was AH-MAZING.

Firstly, her Riverside studio is what all my relaxation dreams are made of. The crystals, candles, neutral tones and potted plants immediately bring on a feeling of calm, and I wanted to stay for hours. But, sadly, I only had 60 minutes to sneak away. So we opted for a relaxing, gentle, sculpting treatment that left me feeling totally rejuvenated.

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4 Beauty Products I've Been Loving

When I first became pregnant with Maddie I remember heading to the bookstore and stocking up on all the pregnancy books.

It was in one such book, I believe it was Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Mama, where some of my crazy pregnancy anxieties began. Now, in general this book, along with all the others I bought that day, was insightful; and gave some good advice. But it also introduced me to a host of things that I should avoid that I had never really thought about before. And it sent me into a bit of a tizzy.

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Spa at home with Olay

Ever since becoming a mom I’ve found that I need to pay more and more attention to my skin. Part of it might just be that- sigh- no one is getting younger around here. But a large part is the everyday stressors: like lack of sleep, work, the changing seasons and, if we’re being honest some emotional stress that take its toll- leaving my skin dry and in need of a little recharge.

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5 Steps To a Better Bath Time With Ivory

If there's one thing I've learned about motherhood, its that it can be messy.

It's unpredictable, and chaotic, and rarely looks the way you'd imagine. But, more often than not, it's beautifully so. And in most cases, it's those messy moments that make up the best memories in this phase of life- a muddy day at the park, a splash in a rainstorm, an afternoon painting or a trip to the beach. And, while these moments can be sometimes cringe-inducing, its comforting to know they're nothing that a warm bath can't fix at the end of the day.

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Latest Skin Fixes

Last weekend our little town in Connecticut was hit by quite the storm. There wasn't too much snow, but the winds were outrageous. Trees came down, power was out, and we were left without cable and internet for a full three days. I had a few friends in town, so I was a bit nervous at the thought of hosting without our intended Netflix documentary marathon to keep us entertained.

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Me Time With Ivory

Does anyone else feel like the beginning of this year has been a crazy whirlwind? It truly feels like we've been going non-stop since the holidays. Between work, and travel and the daily ins and outs, it seems like we haven't had time to slow down and catch a breath.

Parenthood has a funny way of doing that; even when we have the best intentions. And it seems like each year I make a goal to be more present- to simplify- and then the beautiful chaos creeps in.

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Winter Rx

Truth be told, I have fairly problematic skin. It's prone to dryness and redness, and its something I have to be super mindful of all year round- particularly considering the extreme temperatures we experience here in Connecticut.

Achieving that perfect glow is something I've always struggled with; but recently I've re-committed to paying more attention to my skin- oh, hey, 33rd birthday. Because no one is getting any younger around here.

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