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Simple Tweaks to Spruce Up Your Home

Every now and then I get the bug to update the feel of our home- to freshen up the space and bring new energy into our well-loved rooms.

Thankfully, for our wallets, this rarely requires a major overhaul like swapping out furniture. Instead, I’ve found there are a few simple, inexpensive tweaks that can easily update our space- and most of them are free- woohoo.

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Toddler Room Mini Tour

Madeline's room has transformed a few times over the last two and a half years. 

If you recall, it started as a neutral nursery {here} and I vowed never to include too much pink or frill. Famous last words. And I'm sure glad I had a change of heart, because in hindsight, that little grey room looks sort of sad.

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A few months ago I was perusing Pinterest {as I often do} and stumbled upon the most gorgeous photo of a woodsy outdoor dinner party. The photo was moody in the most charming way- a lone rustic farm table in the woods; lit by candlelight, set with mismatched tableware, and accented with assorted blankets to fight any chill. I showed the image to my husband in passing, mentioning that I would love to recreate the scene one cozy fall night.

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Neutral Nursery

Even before I found out we were pregnant, I knew I wanted a non-traditional nursery- no race cars or airplanes for baby boy, no hearts or princess tiaras for a girl. So when we found out we are having a baby girl (YAY!) I set out on a minimalistic grey-and-white themed nursery. I've never been too girly, and I tend to avoid most pink tones in general, and I wanted something sophisticated for our little lady.  However, as the nursery progressed it became clear we needed to incorporate some color into the space. My husband, being more traditional than I,  advocated for the use of at least some pink from the beginning.  "It's too girly," I would argue. To which he always responded, "Well, she IS a girl."

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Hello, hello! After a very long hiatus, I've decided to leave my former blog, mvsees, behind and begin anew- new site, new look, new year, new perspective.  I'm looking forward to posting about the things I've always loved- recipes, decor, fashion... our bulldog.  And now sporting a growing baby bump, I'm thrilled to incorporate glimpses into the big changes going on around here- maternity style, nursery inspo, teeny tiny baby clothes, lullabies + little lambs. Check back for daily posts, and be sure to follow my IG account @lilies_and_lambs for more pics!

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