Guasha Facial + A Special Giveaway

Guasha at Home

This morning I snuck away to finally experience my first Guasha Facial with my sweet friend Mary Heaven of Mary Heaven Acupuncture. And it was AH-MAZING.

Firstly, her Riverside studio is what all my relaxation dreams are made of. The crystals, candles, neutral tones and potted plants immediately bring on a feeling of calm, and I wanted to stay for hours. But, sadly, I only had 60 minutes to sneak away. So we opted for a relaxing, gentle, sculpting treatment that left me feeling totally rejuvenated.

For those of you that don’t know- a Guasha Facial is a treatment that uses a flat jade or rose quartz stone to gently move skin in upward strokes to relax stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage. 

This facial massage lifts, sculpts and tones; relaxes shoulder, neck and face muscles; decreases puffiness, clears congested skin and leaves you with a radiant glow.  The list of benefits goes on and on. And in just one 60 minute treatment my face truly felt de-puffed, noticeably tighter and sculpted and glowing.

Because I’m expecting, I opted just for the Guasha Facial- in which Mary uses all plant-based botanical products. But if you’re not rocking a bump, I would highly recommend this treatment plus the LED Red Light Wrinkle Therapy- which fights wrinkles and boosts collagen.

And because I’m now so in love with both this treatment and Mary’s relaxing oasis of a studio, I’ve teamed up with her to give away one 90 minute Guasha Facial plus LED treatment {valued at $195} to one lucky reader. For details head to Instagram here

And if you aren’t local, I sat down with Mary to share how you can Guasha at home below: 

Guasha at Home

How To Guasha At Home

1. Apply 2-5 drops of serum to cleansed skin( face & neck)

2. Using your Guasha Facial Tool, start with gentle sweeping motions up the neck ( 5-10 strokes).

3. Work your way from the chin to forehead- gentle outward sweeping motions ( 5-10 in strokes each area) - strokes should feel effortless. 

4. Move to the opposite side & repeat ( starting with neck and working up to the forehead). 


Softening of fine lines and wrinkles

Loosening of tight muscles in the face, sinuses & jaw 

Glowing and radiant skin

Reduction in dark circles / puffiness around eyes

Assists with clearing congested skin that can lead to breakouts

Increases circulation and lymphatic drainage for a more sculpted look

Guasha at Home

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To learn more or to book a session visit Mary Heaven Acupuncture

photos by Julia Dags