Friday Favorites

Lilies and Lambs Friday Favorites

35 weeks today and I really can’t believe it. I’ve been pregnant this entire year; it’s gone by SO quickly, and yet I still feel like I’ve been pregnant FOREVER.

Only a few more weeks before we’ll be welcoming our next love, and we are counting down the seconds until we get to meet her. Until then, we’ll be soaking in all the time with Maddie, just the three of us- a few day trips, lunch outings, evenings at the beach and lots of movie nights together.

Here are a few of my favorites from the week:


Comrad Socks: One of the great joys of being so close to the pregnancy finish line is the unavoidable swelling that has inevitably joined the party. My friend Liz from Mrs. Nipple highly recommended these Comrad compression socks to alleviate some of the struggle, and I’m obsessed. If you’re preggo, check them out here.


Mexicue: It’s been a lifelong struggle, living here in Connecticut, to find a delicious spot for local Mexican food. I’ll admit, I’ve been spoiled by my Californian Mexican spots, having spent so much time on the West Coast. But its been difficult to find anything that compares here- let alone one that is open for lunch. This past weekend we tried the new Mexicue; and while its no So-Cal taco joint, it was delicious. We went on a Sunday afternoon, and the whole vibe was awesome- a vibrant crowd, excellent service, a great view of the water, and a farmer’s market with live music outside. I highly recommend.


Sherwood Green Life: This week I popped into our newest local shop for clean, green beauty- Sherwood Green Life. I had the best chat with the founder, Rhonda, where we discussed cleaner options for us pregnant ladies and women trying to conceive. Stay tuned for a full post on clean swaps in a few weeks.


Killing Eve: I binged the first season in roughly 1.5 days and it is SO good. The second season should be streaming shortly on HULU. A full list of bing-worthy shows will be up next week.


Cameo: This week my husband surprised me with the sweetest message from my very favorite Bravo Podcast-er, Danny Pellegrino. I shared on my stories, and was so surprised at how many readers didn’t know about this platform- where you can pay to have your favorite celebrities send messages to loved ones. It’s amazing. Particularly if you’re a Bravo super-fan like myself.

photo by Julia Dags